We can freely say that people in Florida treat pets as a part of their family. Some statistics say that in this country there are roughly 78.2 million owned dogs. More closely an average of 2 dogs for each household. This is proof that Florida is pet-friendly country. With this many people who consider their pets as their best friend, where they live is very important. Pet owners must carefully pick the city that can please their need. Each city has its own limitations and restrictions. It can be quite challenging for many pet lovers to find a perfect spot. In the Sunny state, you can find several cities that are especially hospitable to people who have pets. In this article, we will show you the top pet-friendly cities in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one of the best places for pet-owners in Florida. There is a large number of excellent dog parks, including Emerald Hills Lake Park, Golden Isles Park, Bark Park at Snyder Park, and Happy Tails Dog Park at Seminole Park. In all of these, your dog can exercise and run around. Some of them require that your dog stays on his leash, while others allow off-leash dogs.

Moreover, there are many beaches that have separate areas where your pet can play. Some of them are Fort Lauderdale Canine Beach, Dog Beach of Hollywood, Bark Beach at North Shore Open Space Park, and Dog-Friendly Beach at the Spanish Park. Most of these beaches have dog bags, drinking water, showers, and other amenities. There are also police officers on site to make sure that everything is in order. However, many of these beaches require that your dog stays on his leash. This is for the safety of your dog as well as other beach visitors.

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If you move to Tampa, you will never have to leave your pet alone. It is one of the best places for pet-owners in Florida. This city is known for a large number of pet-friendly restaurants. What is attractive about Tampa is its closeness to other pet-friendly cities. These include St. Petersburg and Sarasota, which are also great choices for dog-lovers. Also, Tampa is among the cities with the highest number of dog parks. With over 20 spread around the city, you are sure to find one that suits you and your dog. You can choose between those that allow off-leash dogs and those that don’t. Whatever your preference, you will enjoy Tampa and its many activities.

Tampa is a coastal city in Florida that is not only pet-friendly, but it is proximity to other local cities such as Sarasota and St. Petersburg that are also extremely pet-friendly.

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Miami Beach

This island city is a great choice for those who enjoy the sunshine and beach fun. On the other hand, it is also ranked at the top of the list of best places for pet-owners in Florida. Like other cities we’ve mentioned, Miami Beach has a variety of dog-friendly restaurants. However, it also has shopping malls, stores, and beaches which allow dogs. Miami Beach can provide you with many pet-friendly parks and beaches as well as pet-friendly cafes, restaurants, store, and shopping malls. Miami Beach is one of the top pet-friendly cities in Florida to live with your pet.

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Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville is truly a paradise for dogs and their owners. Most of the dog parks also have water fountains where dogs can drink to stay hydrated on hot days. One of the most famous parks is Dogwood Dog Park, spread on 45 acres. Your dog will have the time of his life in this park and will be able to socialize with other dogs. Moreover, this city is where the clinic First Coast No More Homeless Pets is situated. This is a veterinary clinic that treats animals for free or for a low price. Your pet can get the care he needs, without spending a lot of money.

Jacksonville is a city with dozens of parks, hotels and even shopping malls that are pet-friendly. This city has around 200 hotels in which you and your pet can feel like home. In this city eating out with your pet is no problem. Some of the best Jacksonville’s restaurants have outdoor patios that welcome all kinds of travelers, especially the furry kind. And if you want to relax with your pet there are 22 miles of white-sandy beaches.

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You can explore some of the 20 dog parks in Orlando on your vacation. They all have some type of equipment to entertain and exercise with your dog. Many of them are also near water, so your dog can cool off on those hot Florida afternoons. Additionally, there are over 34 restaurants in Orlando that are pet-friendly. So your furry friend can have a meal with you.

Aside from these places, there are many activities dedicated to dogs in this city. For example, every year there is a Halloween party just for dogs, called Howl-O-Ween. Dog-owners from around the city compete in a pet costume contest. This is a great way to meet other owners and allow your dogs to play.

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