Pets are like a part of the family and sometimes they need a vacation too! It can also be very expensive to board them. Florida is actually a very pet-friendly state, with many vacation rentals, dog parks and pet-friendly beaches to back that up. Pet owners have to carefully select where they are going based on their needs, limitations and restrictions. We know it can be challenging to find the right location so we put together a list of the top pet-friendly cities in Florida to help pick the perfect spot for your next vacation! 

Originally Published: July 27, 2020 

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a great location for pet-owners to visit. They have a lot of dog parks including Emerald Hills Lake Park, Golden Isles Park and many more. Some of these parks require your dog on a leash and others do not so definitely check ahead of time. There are also many beaches that are pet-friendly and have amenities too, like dog bags and drinking water! As a head up, many of these beaches do require a leash.


Tampa is known to be one of the most pet-friendly cities in Florida. They have a bunch of pet-friendly restaurants. And it is also near other cities, like St. Petersburg and Sarasota, that will also welcome you and your pet with open arms. Tampa has over 20 dog parks so it will also be easy to find one that works for the needs of your beloved pet.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is known for sun and fun, however it is also super pet-friendly. They have restaurants where your dog can join you, as well as shopping malls, cafes, stores and beaches. This is one of the top pet-friendly cities in Florida.

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville is a great location for your pet. They have a lot of dog parks and many of them have fountains for your dog. We wouldn’t want your buddy getting too hot and thirsty in the Florida sun! One of the more well-known parks is Dogwood Dog Park. This park is vast with lots of space for your furry friend to run around and make friends. Jacksonville also has pet-friendly restaurants, beaches, hotels and vacation rentals.


Orlando has over 20 dog parks making it a great choice to live or visit with pets. Many of these parks are also near water if your dog wants to take a quick dip after being in the hot sun. There are also over 34 pet-friendly restaurants. Wow! Additionally, Orlando actually has some events just for dogs like the Howl-O-Ween where pets can compete in a pet costume contest.


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