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1 BR | 1 BA | Sleeps 4 | Quick View

Distance to beach: 1 miles to Ben T Davis Beach



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Key Amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Kid friendly
  • Pool
  • Rentals by owner

About this property

Full condo with a great view of Tampa Bay. This condo is right on the water, and has it's own pool, beach area and dining right on the premises. Centrally located too.

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Property Type

Tampa Condo

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Key Amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Kid friendly
  • Kitchen

About this property

Welcome to Tampa Rooftop Villa! Minutes away from the exciting downtown Tampa scene, the University of Tampa, and beautiful beaches! The large fenced lanai and rooftop deck are perfect for entertaining cornhole, golf putting game, and more! This 3 bedroom home is perfect group of friends who love to travel ...

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Property Type

Tampa Townhome

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How many vacation rentals are there in/around Tampa?

There are 2 Tampa vacation rentals available on FloridaRentals.com. From townhome rentals to condo rentals and beyond, find a unique vacation rental for you to enjoy a memorable vacation in Florida.

How much does it cost to rent a vacation rental in Tampa?

There are vacation rentals available in Tampa for as low as $182 per night with an average price per night of $286.

Can I find a vacation rental in Tampa?

Yes, you can find vacation rentals in Tampa close to Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Big Cat Rescue, and Tampa Riverwalk. Don't forget to stop in to The Florida Aquarium or Busch Gardens.

Do any vacation rentals in Tampa have a pool?

Yes, there are vacation rentals with a pool in Tampa on FloridaRentals.com. Search using our filters and book one for your next vacation!