Notebook with pens for vacation rental owners

A thoughtful, thorough guest book can leave a lasting impression on your renters, and save you a number of headaches. This welcome guide compiles all the important information for your rental in one place. By presenting all the information your guest may ever need, the requests for maintenance and help drastically decrease. Out of town guests will also appreciate a primer to the local area. Leave your welcome book in a place where your guests are sure to find it when they arrive, like an entryway table or kitchen counter.

So what goes into a good welcome book? We’re here to list out all the possibilities. Some may apply to your rental, some might not.

Make the information easy to find, by using a binder with tabs separating each section. Along with your tips, consider placing a welcome letter at the beginning of your book. This can be a short note of thanks that will help make your guests feel at home when they first arrive.

We’ve found the best way to package the guest book is in a 3-ring binder. The information will change over time, so you’ll want to easily slip in or slip out information.

To get you started, here’s a list of items we recommend you include:

Vacation Rental Guest Book Ideas

General Information

  • Local area maps (especially of your small town/part of the city)
  • Wi-Fi network name and password
  • Garbage collection (for long term stays)
  • Check in and check out times
  • Emergency contact info (police, fire, hospital, poison control, property manager, maintenance)

House Information and Rules

  • Biographical info about the owners
  • History of the home/property
  • Instructions for appliances
  • How to use/turn on television and entertainment systems (channel list, too!)
  • Special consideration for water, septic, and heating
  • Any rules for the house (noise curfew, garbage, recycling, etc.)

Local transit information

  • Bus routes
  • Subway or rail (if applicable)
  • Street parking or nearby lots
  • Taxi and shuttle services
  • Car and bike rentals
  • Directions to airport

Area amenities

  • Restaurants – include menus for takeout and delivery options
  • Nightlife – bars, clubs
  • Grocery stores, farmer’s markets/stands
  • Coupons for local attractions
  • Local attractions – hiking trails, best beaches, amusement parks, etc
  • Local dog park or off-leash area

Think about this book as a text-based concierge. Add a personal touch that will leave a lasting impression. Lastly, keep a few blank pages at the end for guests to sign and give their thanks! You’ll love going through and reading all the compliments and feedback you’ve received over the years. Future guests will appreciate the helpful advice from others. Happy planning!

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