What makes a great Florida export? It might be an incredible flavor, a custom-made object, or a truly innovative & trustworthy product. There are thousands of businesses creating noteworthy products here in Florida. We’ve combed through and highlighted some of our favorites here today. We’re proud of these 8 top Florida companies for their hard work in improving the Florida economy. You should feel confident buying anything from these incredible award-winners:

Florida’s Top Homegrown Products & Companies

J.W. Renfroe Pecan Company (Pensacola)

In their own words: Our company all began here in the very historical gulf coast city of Pensacola back in 1956. Jake Renfroe Sr. first started selling and distributing pecans wholesale. The second and third generation of Renfroe’s sought to expand revenues in the 70’s by opening up a retail store and venturing into catalog sales. Our retail store has since grown about five times in square footage and at least ten times in inventory and product variety.

Renfroe Pecan Company now operates several distribution centers spanning Florida, Alabama and Georgia. Although we’re famous for pecans, (after all that’s how we got started), we also offer all kinds of nuts: candied, roasted and salted, or raw. In our kitchen, we also make fudge and New Orleans style pralines… the aroma fills the entire facility.

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Wondermade (Orlando)

In their own words: Wondermade makes your favorite marshmallows and ice creams. We ship marshmallows around the world in flavors like Bourbon, Lavender and everything in between. And we scoop our handcrafted premium ice creams for locals and guests to the Orlando area. Swing by for a cornbread ice cream in a brownie cone or a frozen Smoresicle. Or head to our online shop to order marshmallows or hot chocolates for great gifts with quick delivery.

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Woodroze (New Smyrna Beach)

In their own words: We would like to start by saying thank you for your interest in WoodRoze. Woodroze is a small family owned company that provides a great product, great service all at a great price. The owners are originally from Buffalo, New York and then relocated to the North Florida. WoodRoze came to fruition out of the pure desire to have the best optics for an active outdoor lifestyle while maintaining a low carbon footprint. Our sunglasses are manufactured out of the best materials we can get our hands on. They are specifically built for the people that are bred to be adventurist and most of all look good doing it.

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Florida Crystals (Multiple)

In their own words: Florida Crystals is a leading domestic sugar producer and North America’s first fully integrated cane sugar company, guiding our sugar from the field to the table. We are America’s first and only producer of certified organic sugar, grown and harvested in the United States. We are America’s first and only domestic producer of certified organic sugar, grown and harvested in Florida. We also pioneered certified organic and natural rice production in the state. Our products are sweet. Knowing where and how they’re grown make them “sweeter”!  Join us for uniquely delicious recipes and eco-friendly tips!

Tibor Reel (Delray Beach)

In their own words: Tibor reels are made “by fishermen for fishermen,” and the Juracsik family is proud their products are 100% “Made in the USA.” With the exception of the ball bearings, every part of every reel is precision machined and hand assembled in their Delray Beach facility. Ted’s belief in design based on simplicity and functionality goes back to his days as a young apprentice. “The old masters always told me the most beautiful machines have the least moving parts,” he says.

In 2017, Tibor Reels earned 68 new world records according to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). This brings the Tibor’s World Record count to over 900 – more than any other fly fishing reel in history. IGFA Hall of Fame fisherman, Lefty Kreh, describes Tibor Reels as “the finest saltwater reels I have ever used.” They are the prized possession of every fisherman who owns one. Each is capable of delivering a lifetime of virtually maintenance-free fishing enjoyment for which Tibor Reels are famous.

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Rifle Paper Co. (Winter Park)

In their own words: Rifle Paper Co. is a stationery and lifestyle brand based in Winter Park, Florida founded and owned by husband and wife team, Anna and Nathan Bond. The company officially launched via riflepaperco.com in November 2009. What began as a small business based out of Anna and Nathan’s garage apartment has quickly grown into an international brand over the last nine years.

We strongly believe life’s personal stories and moments are best told through the gift of a handwritten card or note, and hope that our goods inspire you to share these moments with others. Please let us know if there’s anything we can assist you with or ways that we can improve your shopping experience.

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Black Sparrow Jewelry (Multiple)

In their own words: Black Sparrow Jewelry is inspired by organic shapes, natural specimen and artifacts; made by hand while staying true to each piece’s originality. Throughout Black Sparrow collections is an influence of soft and simple combined with strong noble pieces that represent the magnificent creatures that roam our amazing planet.

Founded in 2009 by artist Whitney Bryson, Black Sparrow Jewelry is inspired by the many art forms of the natural world. From her studio, Whitney designs her handcrafted collections that can be found adorning the streets of New York City all the way to sunny California. Her signature collections bring alive natural findings and raw textures with a cohesive earthly feel.

Randall Made Knives (Orlando)

In their own words: Randall Made™ knives have been used extensively by soldiers and Marines, flyers and sailors, generals and infantrymen. Our customers have also included astronauts, government agents, celebrities, statesmen and royalty. Most importantly to me, there are thousands upon thousands of individuals who choose Randall Knives because they need a superbly crafted knife they can count on in the home and in the field. Or, as is often the case today, they’ve wanted to have a Randall Made™ knife in their collection.

In short, for me and every man who crafts a Randall Made™ knife, the challenge today is exactly the same as it was 50 plus years ago: To fashion the best knife we can make.

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