What makes a great Florida export? It might be an incredible flavor, a custom-made object, or a truly innovative & trustworthy product. There are thousands of businesses creating noteworthy products here in Florida. We’ve combed through and highlighted some of our favorites here. These top 7 Florida companies have improved the Florida economy with all their hard work. You should feel confident buying anything from these incredible award-winners.

Originally Posted: April 12, 2019

Florida’s Top Homegrown Products & Companies

J.W. Renfroe Pecan Company (Pensacola)

This company began back in 1956 selling and distributing pecans. Eventually the Renfroe’s ventured out of wholesale and into retail. They have continued to grow and now have distribution centers all over Florida, Alabama and Georgia. They are famous for their pecans, however they also now make all kinds of nuts as well and delicious decadent praline.

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Wondermade (Orlando)

Wondermade is best known for its marshmallows and ice creams. They have unique flavors of marshmallows including Bourbon, Lavender and many more. All of these can be shipped anywhere. The ice creams are handcrafted, inventive and delicious. Some favorites are the cornbread ice cream or brownie cone – both distinctively decadent. There is a store front in Orlando or anything can be shipped.

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Woodroze (New Smyrna Beach)

WoodRoze sunglasses are designed to have a low carbon footprint. They are made for an active lifestyle and made out of the best materials. If you are adventurous and looking for style then look no further! These check all the boxes and are made locally in the Sunshine State! 

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Florida Crystals (Multiple)

Florida Crystals is one of the first integrated cane sugar companies in North America. Originally born and bred in Florida as one of the only domestic producers of certified organic sugar in the state. They were also first for organic rice production in the Sunshine State. They are sustainable and only treat their products with the utmost care. Check out their website for recipes and more information on being eco-friendly. 

Tibor Reel (Delray Beach)

Tibor provides some of the highest quality fly reels and everything is proudly 100% Made In the USA. Their products have been around for over 40 years and have set a standard of excellence for others to follow. These products are sought after by all levels and have been used at championships.

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Rifle Paper Co. (Winter Park)

This well-known stationary and lifestyle brand started as a small business and quickly took off. Their products are beautiful and each handcrafted item tells a story. They are perfect for any occasion and sold all over the world. Make sure to stop by this location on your next trip to Winter Park! 

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Randall Made Knives (Orlando)

These knives have been superbly handcrafted for decades. They are custom-designed, with hundreds of options to choose from. They have many uses from soldiers and Marines to astronauts, royalty and just the average person looking for an excellent knife. The quality is unbeatable.

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