What’s the big deal about vacation rentals? By now you’ve certainly heard of many of the large companies offering alternative accommodations. Some have made the smart decision to book a rental for their vacation, while others are still a bit skeptical.

We wanted to explain the many reasons why you should book a vacation rental instead of a hotel for your next Florida visit. We think you’ll leave here convinced!

6 reasons to book a vacation rental instead of a hotel

Vacation rentals give you choice

When booking a hotel there are only a finite number of properties your family would feel comfortable in. Many are 5-stars, and way too expensive. Others still are 1-star, and you’d be concerned for your physical health to sleep in their beds.

For major hot spots like Destin or Miami, Vacation rentals are available in the thousands! Each is unique and can provide the exact number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage you’d feel comfortable with.

You can also choose from a variety of differently styled homes. Looking for a beachfront bungalow? We’ve got it. Hoping for more of a luxury villa vibe? We have that, too. If you want to be in a downtown, high-rise apartment building near a sports stadium, we can accommodate. The size of the property and its location is up to you.

Vacation rentals save you money

On a 1:1 basis you’ll find a vacation rental (with much more space, special amenities, and privacy) costs less than a hotel for one night, an entire week, or more. Where the savings really add up is when you’re traveling with a large family or groups of friends. Instead of purchasing 3 hotel rooms for 6 nights, splitting the cost of a rental will equal a LOT less per person. That’s extra money you can spend on food and activities on your vacation! Plus, parents, kids and friends can each have their own bedrooms – no more sharing!

Search for an affordable Florida rental now!

Vacation rentals give you space

Nobody likes being cramped in a hotel room. The average hotel room is only 325 square feet, and if you’re sleeping four or more people (plus luggage!) it can get tight. Whether you choose an oceanfront condo or log cabin in the mountains, you have the choice of bedrooms and square footage, so you can make sure you’ll have plenty of space for your group.

Vacation rentals give you privacy

Without other guests coming and going, not to mention hotel staff like maids and room service, you’ll have much more privacy in a vacation rental. Being able to enjoy your vacation without prying eyes or noisy neighbors is a benefit that might not be at the top of your list, but you’ll be incredibly thankful you have it.

Vacation rentals bring you places you never thought possible

Hotels need a lot of land, and mostly exist in civilization. If you want a tree house in the woods, a private island bungalow, or a one room abode on a sandbar, only a vacation rental can get you there. Without the restrictions of space and land a hotel requires, a rental can take you to exotic locales in Florida that have seemed off limits to most others.

Plus, you can also stay directly in the action, if you so choose. Rentals on the most popular streets of Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville await your booking.

Know where you’re headed in Florida? Search now.

Vacation rentals spoil you

Lastly, vacation rentals spoil you in a way you never thought imaginable. Some vacation rentals by owner come with high end amenities like a home theater, private hot tub, patio with grill, or in home chef. Of course, your vacation also would not be complete without the WiFi, flat screen TVs, in-ground pools, and game rooms offered by many rentals, also.

Need more benefits? How about the fact that each house rental contains a kitchen, meaning you can save money on self-cooked meals at home, rather than expensive dining out. You’ll also have more flexibility with your length of stay. If you’re looking for an extended trip to Florida, many rentals accommodate long term stays of a month or more.

Some of our Florida beach rentals are also pet-friendly, so bring along all your family members (even the ones with four legs) to relax poolside.


Matt Moretti has worked in the travel and vacation rental industry for over a decade. He loves helping travelers find the best places to eat, the best things to do, and the perfect vacation rental for their trip.


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