Looking for something light and fresh to munch on after a day at the beach? Ceviche is a healthy delicacy with roots originally from Peru. One of the things that makes a ceviche so great is the freshness of the seafood and the natural balance of flavors. Miami is a hot destination to visit for the beaches, fun and also the incredible restaurants and nightlife. There are some standout spots that serve up some of the most flavorful and freshest ceviche around. These restaurants have amazing flavor combinations, unique pairings, along with some great people watching! 

We found the 10 best places in Miami to check out the next time you have a ceviche craving. We selected them based on reviews, our own personal experiences and their unique menus. Check them out, you will not be disappointed!

Top 10 Restaurants for Ceviche in Miami:


This place has an amazing ceviche selection. They pride themselves on creating a world-class experience for everyone that comes in, both with their food and attentive service. Everything here is fresh and made to order. They have inventive combinations and flavors that will leave you wanting more! Chef Juan Chipoco is originally from Peru and brings the traditional cooking styles to Miami with his own added flare. They also have multiple locations – so more places to enjoy this delicious cuisine!


If you are looking for something healthy with a twist, this is the spot for you! SuViche strives to only serve and make food with the freshest and sustainable ingredients. Their ceviche is outstanding and there is a wonderful selection. They use only local and sustainably caught seafood and meats in all their dishes. As they say “you are what you eat” and this restaurant tries to make that the best stuff possible!


This South Beach restaurant is one not to miss! They offer a great selection of delicious fresh ceviches and other dynamic dishes. Ola is Latin inspired fusion with a twist of Caribbean and Spanish flavors. They are committed to serving only the freshest seafood available, visiting the local fish market every morning. They also have a fun selection of cocktails and a carefully curated wine list.


This well-known spot has become one of the more popular places to check out for fresh inspired Peruvian-Japanese cuisine when in Miami. They have a trendy vibe and offer delicious ceviches and all kinds of seafood dishes. They use local and seasonal ingredients to create these masterpieces for your tastebuds!


MyCeviche offers fresh seafood options in a quick and convenient way. They have a unique story of starting as a pop-up window by the beach, selling extremely fresh seafood and incredible ceviche. They became so popular that they eventually expanded to another location in Brickell. Their goal is to provide a great experience, with the freshest food, whether it is seafood or chicken (yes, they have other options too!).

Aromas del Peru

This restaurant offers traditional Peruvian cuisine. Everything here is authentic and fresh with recipes that have stood the test of time. They offer more than 10 different ceviche options and each is as unique and tasty as the last. Do not miss their citrus tiger milk based ceviches – they are so fresh and balanced that they stand above the rest!

Sabor A Peru En Miami

This restaurant is old world Peru right in the heart of Miami! The dishes and experience are as authentic as you will get. Their ceviche is spectacular and oh so fresh! They also have many other wonderful Peruvian dishes to try. You will get a real taste of the culture and remarkable flavors here.

Mayami Mexicantina

This place is massive and a lot of fun! Mayami has a cool lively atmosphere with lots of Mayan decorations, fun music and cocktails. The cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean/Latin fusion. They have a bunch of great ceviche options that bring the heat to this hot spot. This is definitely a place to check out when in Miami. They even have fire performers!

Jaguar Restaurant

This restaurant serves up fresh and delicious ceviche daily. Jaguar is Latin inspired and all their dishes are phenomenal from their chimichurri sauce to their raw fish – everything is well curated with robust flavors. This is an authentic Miami experience you will not want to miss!

Krus Kitchen 

Krus Kitchen is cool and unique with a variety of cultural influences in the food. They have a great ceviche with the local catch of the day. You can’t get more fresh than that! The chefs here are inspired by being inventive with their dishes and only using the best and highest quality ingredients. This is a culinary experience worth the trip!


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