Looking for something beyond Starbucks? Then this is the list for you! There is nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee. We found some of the best local spots you will want to try on your next trip to Boca Raton!

We picked our top 5 and each of them offers some of the most delicious java in the area. They all have local flair with cozy and welcoming feels all around and the best part is most have goodies you can even take home with you!

Best Coffee in Boca Raton

Saquella Cafe

Saquella is an Italian kitchen, European bakery and espresso bar all wrapped into one! This place is a culinary experience. Everything is made fresh in-house and to order from the fantastic food to the expertly crafted cappuccinos.

The Seed.

The Seed. is both a coffee shop and juice bar. This cozy spot offers speciality coffees and local seasonal juices and smoothies. They have unique brewing methods, fresh beans from different origins and a great staff to guide you through the choices.

Living Green Market & Cafe

Living Green keeps everything simple and pure. They offer Puro for their coffee options, which is a fairtrade bean and has superior flavor. They also have prepared foods (hot and cold) and an extensive juice bar. This is a great spot for lunch, brunch or just to pop in for a tasty espresso.

Mane Coffee

Mane is an open concept coffee shop with lots of space to enjoy and socialize. They have a unique menu with many drip options, some tasty food and so much more. They also rent out the space if you are looking for a creative way to have a work event or party.

La Boulangerie Boul’Mich

Yum! This French bakery has a Latin twist and makes all its sweet treats from scratch daily. The inside has an industrial-vintage feel and could not be more welcoming. The coffee and other beverages are spectacular and pair well with all the incredible food options.


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