Whether you are traveling to Florida for a long-term rental or just vacationing, volunteer work and community involvement have become more popular with trips. There are also many people that now split their living locations, based on seasons, with so much remote work since COVID.  There are many types of volunteer opportunities available, some of the most popular are animal shelters, food banks and even community based ones that include supporting the local arts.  There are so many opportunities for charity in Florida and all these organizations are usually actively looking year round. So we encourage you check out our list and see if there is a cause you would like to give back to while traveling or even as a local.

We’ve highlighted eleven great opportunities below. Consider them while planning your next trip to Florida and you’ll help people and animals in need!

11 Helpful Volunteer Activities in Florida:

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando 

Volunteers are an important part of this organization to keep it going and running smoothly.  Volunteers help with exercising, socializing, bonding and enriching activities for both cats and dogs.  Volunteers can also foster the animals and help with adoptions, different events and food delivery when needed.  Volunteers are always needed – so consider helping!  

2nd Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida (Orlando)

Second Harvest relies on volunteers to keep the organization going and running efficiently.  Helping at a food bank is extremely rewarding and important work for the community.  Consider helping neighbors and fellow people in need when you are in Florida next time.  They have many different opportunities for groups and individuals.

Orlando Shakes

Orlando Shakes offers the community and visitors to Orlando theater and history.  It is an important part and some of the roots of the Orlando community.  Take a journey and volunteer here, not only will you get to help out with some incredible productions, you will also get to see some shows and attend some of the functions.  The Shakes offer volunteer opportunities for all levels.

Jacksonville Humane Society

The Humane Society in Jacksonville is important for a lot of reasons – along with taking care of animals that are brought to them they also raise awareness of euthanizing innocent and abandoned animals.  They are a no kill shelter and they are always looking for volunteers to help out in the shelter or with fostering.  There are opportunities for all age levels.

SPCA Florida (Lakeland)

The SPCA is well known throughout the world.  This reputable organization has dedicated itself to helping animals in need and to ending the abuse that some of these animals endure.  They have volunteer opportunities for all age levels and comfort levels.  There are also fostering opportunities.  Weekdays are especially helpful.  So come check them out and help an animal in need!

Ocala Civic Theatre 

This theatre is completely volunteer based, so the volunteers are extra important for it to continue.  They offer all types of theatre opportunities for you to learn about the arts and the community surrounding it. The volunteer options are all levels, with varying levels of involvement,  including set help, building, ticket sales, costume making and more! 

YMCA of South Florida (Miami)

The Y offers many opportunities around the country to volunteer and help make young lives better.  They have important programs for the community. A lot of the volunteer opportunities are child-based like coaching, tutoring etc. However, they do have other options too like gardening, front desk assistance and additional opportunities – so check out the site and start making an impact today!  

The Mustard Seed of Central Florida (Orlando)

The Mustard Seed strives to help the homeless and the community of Orlando. “ The Mustard Seed is the only furniture and clothing bank in Central Florida.”  They collect donations, but also have many opportunities to volunteer if you would like to lend a helping hand for a worthy cause. 

Ending Hunger (Sarasota)

Also known as the All Faiths Food Bank. “All Faiths is the only food bank and largest hunger relief organization in Sarasota and DeSoto counties.”  This organization not only provides tons of meals to people in need, but also partners with other organizations to expand its reach in the community.  They have all kinds of volunteer opportunities, be sure to check their website to see how you can help! 

Winter Garden Heritage Foundation 

“The mission of the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation is to preserve the heritage and architecture of West Orange County, while creating new cultural experiences.” Winter Gardens is a huge part of the community and has a big hand in the conservation of history and continued maintenance of the community. They have many volunteer opportunities at their three different locations.  Come check them out and find out what it takes to keep a community going and thriving! 

The Florida Humane Society (Pompano Beach)

Volunteers make up a large part of this organization.  The Humane Society strives to help animals by providing shelter, medical care and love.  They are a “no-kill shelter” and also are dedicated to bringing awareness to the inhumane way some of these innocent animals are being treated.  They are doing everything they can to stop this and to help to control the animal population in a more humane way.  They have all kinds of volunteer opportunities, along with fostering and adoption.  


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