Are heart pounding, adrenaline inducing activities and extreme sports your idea of a good time?  Well, look no further we have rounded up the 11 best places to try out in Florida to check off that bucket list!  With the amazing weather year round Florida offers many activities to get you out of your comfort zone including zip lining, kiteboarding, skydiving, hang gliding and surfing.

Check out any of the places below for a true experience and thrill of a lifetime!

11 Best Adrenaline Activity Centers in Florida:

Skydive Space Center (Titusville)

Skydive Space Center is a special place to jump!  They are one of the only places that have approval from NASA to fly over the launch complex and other NASA buildings. This means along with an incredible jump you also get a visual in-flight tour experience.  They cater to all levels. Check them out for an experience you will never forget! 

Air Adventures (St. Petersburg)

Air Adventures offers a variety of options for thrill seekers, as well as people looking for tours with spectacular views of some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches. If you want to learn how to fly a seaplane, look no further!  Their experienced instructors cater to all levels – from beginners to more advanced fliers. 

The Canyons Zip Line and Adventure Park (Ocala)

This place is like no other in Florida! If you are looking for something special to do, while getting your adrenaline pumping, this is the place to check out.  They offer many different experiences like zip-lining over different canyons and lakes on the property and a canopy tour option.  This place is a one-stop adventure, you should not miss it!   

Fly At Wallaby Ranch (Orlando)

Wallaby Ranch offers an unparalleled experience in the air.  If you have come to Florida looking for adventure, look no further!  They maintain a safe facility and have experienced instructors that can work with any skill level of hang gliding.  Get ready to get your heart racing and for some unforgettable views!  

Skydive City/Z-Hills (Zephyrhills)

Ready to experience the thrill of parachuting through the air?  Z-Hills offers expert instructors to teach all levels of skydivers.  They have been around for decades and are established in the skydiving community.  They not only offer lessons but also performances and events. This place is not to be skipped on your next adventure vacation! 

Miami Skydiving Center

Visiting Miami and looking for adventure?  This skydiving center offers experienced instructors and tandem jumps for all skill levels.  Miami does not have many places that offer this type of experience.  You can get a totally different perspective of this popular vacation spot! 

321 Kiteboarding and Water Sports (Cocoa Beach)

321 is known to have experienced instructors, trained on all safety precautions and to teach all skill levels.  The location also can’t be beat!  Kitesurfing is a sport that can be done year round in this part of Florida.  It is a way to connect adventure with the water and a great way to get outdoors on a beautiful day!  

Good Breeze Kiteboarding (Cocoa Beach)

Good Breeze offers the unique experiences of both kiteboarding and foiling. Foiling is kind of like surfing, but a bit more difficult and some think more rewarding.  They also have highly experienced instructors and teach all levels.  The lessons come with equipment to borrow, however if you decide this might be your sport they also have a shop to check out with a great selection of gear for purchase. 

EZride Surf School (Pompano Beach)

Surfing is not just about the sport, but also about getting in touch with nature and the water.  This surf school provides lessons for all levels, along with some enlightening instruction on the ocean.  The weather is beautiful here year round, so lessons are always available. 

Florida Adventure Sports (Fernandina Beach)

The name of this place says adventure and that is what you will find!  They offer hang gliding lessons to all levels.  You can cruise above the beaches and water to see beautiful views and have a unique thrilling experience.  The instructors have many years of experience and make this adventure as safe as it is fun.  

Seminole Lake Gliderport (Clermont)

Gliderport teaches you how to fly gliders and is for most age levels.  The beautiful weather creates conditions to fly year round.  They offer instructions for new flyers and options for more experienced ones.  You can rent a flyer if needed. 

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