South Florida draws people in with its sunny weather and beautiful beaches. There is also an excitement to the area with lots of lively restaurants, bars and touristy things to do. There are some things in South Florida we think you must-try to get the full experience and all of these spots give you that and more, not to mention the food at all these places is delicious! The restaurants on this list are fantastic. They are not only popular, but also worth the hype!

We picked these 10 most popular spots/restaurants to try based on reviews, our own personal knowledge and the overall experience.

Top 10 Must-Try Spots in South Florida

Versailles (Miami)

If you are looking for authentic Cuban cuisine this is the spot! The food is incredible and the coffee is also unbeatable. The vibe is lively and true to the culture. Locals love this place as much as tourists do. They are well-known for their traditional Cuban sandwich, which can also be shipped anywhere. We would additionally suggest trying the chicken and yellow rice along with the tres leches. All fantastic!

Joe’s Stone Crab (Miami)

This landmark spot has been around since 1913. It has evolved since then into the restaurant that is today. Of course when you are here you have to order the stone crabs, they live up to the hype and are as fresh as you will find. However, the restaurant also offers other delicious seafood and entree options if crabs aren’t your thing. This place is a piece of history you will not want to miss!

Robert Is Here Fruit Stand (Homestead)

This iconic spot specializes in rare and exotic fruit. You will not only find a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, but also baked goods, special handpicked sauces and amazing fruit shakes. They also have an animal farm, play area, picnic tables and live music on weekends. This is a fun place to stop by for some shopping and to enjoy the day. They ship their products as well if you want to order more when you get home!

Barton G. The Restaurant (Miami Beach)

This hip spot offers a lively scene and fantastically inventive food. There is people watching to be had here. They have indoor and outdoor dining options that are both equally appealing to the eyes. The food takes a contemporary twist on comfort food and wow is it good! Some must-try popular items are the lobster pop-tarts, seafood bubble bath and shell shocked BBQ short ribs. You will want to try the interesting cocktails as well including their “below zero nitro-bar.”

Rusty Pelican (Key Biscayne)

This waterfront restaurant is the place to be at sunset! They offer indoor and outdoor seating both with beautiful views. The seafood here is incredible along with the short ribs and the surf and turf. They also have creative cocktails and a welcoming wait staff. This is a place you will want to come back to again and again!

Monty’s Raw Bar (Miami)

This low-key spot has some of the freshest seafood. The oysters are must-have as well as the coconut shrimp and house smoked fish deep. And you will not want to sleep on the frozen cocktails. They are simple, refreshing and delicious especially after a day in the sun!

Knaus Berry Farm (Homestead)

This farm is closing soon for the season, but will be reopening in November. In the meantime, you can order many of their products and produce on their website. They have fantastic baked goods including the sticky buns, sweet and tasty shakes along with all the fresh fruits and vegetables. This place is not your typical Florida activity, but it is a welcoming break from the usual.

El Palacio de los Jugos (Multiple Locations)

This casual bustling restaurant has home cooked Cuban food and delicious juices. You will not find more authentic! Everything here from the Cuban sandwiches to the rice dishes are incredible. If you are hungry and looking for some culture with your meal you have come to the right place! They also have a market to take home some special items.

Stubborn Seed (Miami Beach)

Stubborn Seed offers an elevated experience in food and atmosphere. They have the top rated chef, Jeremy Ford who brings every dish to the next level and then beyond. He was the winner of Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13, which for anyone who has seen the show is a difficult task and an incredible honor!  Some notable dishes are the crunchy truffle bravas, heirloom grits and crispy pork, gooey jalapeno fritters and honestly pretty much everything on the menu!

Red Rooster Overtown (Miami)

Last on this list, but definitely not least, is this incredible soul food inspired restaurant. They have a notable chef, Marcus Samuelsson, who has made his mark in this industry many times over. You will love the comforting classics they offer like the fried chicken and shrimp and grits, as well as the cool vibe and live entertainment. There is a speakeasy upstairs that is not to be missed. This place is a mix of fun, funky and just delicious.


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