You’ll be hard pressed to find a family outing more fun than a day picking your own fruits and vegetables. Florida’s rich history of farming is celebrated today via farms, farmstands, and orchards offering off the vine and freshly picked foods. Even though others can pick for you, it’s so much more rewarding to do it yourself! We’ve helped highlight some of our favorites below, where you can (for typically a small fee) pick your own fruits and vegetables (also known as U-Pick).

Congratulations to all our award-winners! To our readers, start planning your next trip and get your taste buds ready for the most delicious fruits and vegetables in Florida.

Florida’s Top 13 Family Orchards & Farms

Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market (Boynton Beach)

About the orchard: Our Mission at Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market is to bring our customers a variety of locally grown produce that is tasty, yet affordable. When you shop at Bedner’s, you can be certain that you are purchasing from a safe & reliable food source. Come in and give us a try. You’ll come in as a customer and leave as a friend. Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market takes great pride in being one of the few remaining family owned and operated farmer’s market in South Florida, bringing you fresh produce from the farm, grown right outside our back door.

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Chapman’s Double C (Kissimmee)

About the orchard: Welcome to the Ranch! We are so glad you’ve taken some time out of your day to stop by. We are a family owned and operated ranch in Osceola County, Florida- just south of St. Cloud. Along with our commercial beef operation, we specialize in the raising of purebred Brahman cattle, locally finished beef, and most recently-Blueberries!

Jimmy and Leslie Chapman are third generation owners and raised their four children on the ranch- RyAnne, Denton, Gibbs, and Clifton. The Three boys- Denton, Gibbs, and Clifton- are now raising their own families on the ranch and managing the daily operations together.

Here at Double C Bar Ranch, we take great pride in the raising and care of all of our plants and animals. We strive to be good stewards of the land and animals we are blessed with caring for. If you would like any more information about our Purebred Brahman herd, Locally finished beef, or blueberry U-Pick, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Dooley Groves (Ruskin)

About the orchard: We LOVE having you here at Dooley Groves and Welcome you to our Enchanted Grove! We love seeing you, talking to new friends from all over and knowing that you and your family and friends will enjoy the citrus fruits of our labor. Southern Hillsborough County’s Best Citrus Grove! We’re just a bit south of Ruskin… an easy Country drive. When you’re in Florida, please stop by and visit Dooley Groves! We’re on Florida’s warmer West coast, at the mouth of Tampa Bay, about 30 miles south of Tampa/St Pete area.

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Farmer Mike’s U-Pick (Bonita Springs)

About the orchard: Farmer Mike’s U-Pick is a small 100 acre family farm based in Bonita Springs FL. Farmer Mike has been growing fruits and vegetables in the south Florida for over 30 years. Farmer Mike and Farmer Jim (His Father) moved to south florida in the early 1970’s from Virginia where Farmer Jim farmed all of this life. Farmer Jim raised Farmer Mike and his brothers on their Apple Orchard where the brothers all learned the value of hard work, dedication, and how to run a tractor at a very young age. Farmer Jim’s passion was passed on to the family and still shines through their hard work everyday.

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Hyrdo Harvest Farms (Ruskin)

About the orchard: Do you know what food is the tastiest, freshest, and most nutritious? It is the food you pick. We have taken the farm stand to the highest level of the meaning of fresh. Bring the family and enjoy picking todays meal. We always have a large assortment of vegetables and fruits. We use NO pesticides, and NO GMO seeds. Picking food at our farm is fun and easy. There is no bending, no dirt and we are wheel chair friendly. So, grab the kids and head on down to the farm! We are open just about everyday of the year and have many free events.

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Hunsader Farms (Bradenton)

About the orchard: While visiting our farm you will be able to purchase all your vegetables in one stop. We pick our homegrown vegetables daily so they are always fresh. When it is u-pick season you can go right out into our field and pick them yourself. Inside our market you will find a variety of homemade jams, jellies, delicious homemade honey and many other goodies. Our hotline is a recording of up to date information on what is ready for u-pick and what is homegrown. We are open 8-4, Mon – Sat.

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Henscratch Farms (Lake Placid)

About the orchard: Big, fat, sweet strawberries drape abundantly from their homes in our hydroponic tower garden. Warm chocolate is available for dipping & the shake shack serves the finest shortcakes, shakes, and chocolate dipped strawberries by the pound. Stroll the vineyards to pick the biggest grapes you’ve ever seen. The bronze fruit is “honey & musky” while the black grapes are sweet & fruity.

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Lake Catherine Breweries (Groveland)

About the orchard: Lake Catherine Farms is a family owned and operated U-Pick blueberry and blackberry farm located in Groveland, FL. In addition to U-Pick blueberries and blackberries we also have pre-picked berries, ice cream, raw honey, homemade jams, baked goods, blueberry lemonade and much more.

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Knaus Berry Farm (Homestead)

About the orchard: In 1956, brothers Ray and Russell Knaus begain raising strawberries together in the Redland of South Florida. They set up a small roadside stand near the current Knaus Berry Farm location to sell their berries. Some of their strawberries were sold through a broker who tasted the cookies made by Ray’s wife, Barbara. He told her that they were good enough to sell. Over the years—along with the strawberries—assorted baked goods, vegetables, and ice cream have become available for sale at Knaus Berry Farm. Knaus Berry Farm also has U-Pick strawberries and tomatoes, availability permitting.

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Ridge Island Groves (Haines City)

About the orchard: Ridge Island Groves is a family-owned and operated business located in the heart of Central Florida. We provide the “Freshest Florida Citrus” to anyone in the United States (excluding Alaska, California, and Hawaii). Our fruit is hand-picked, packed, and shipped directly from our groves to you or your family and friends. For our local customers we provide fresh citrus, fresh produce, marmalade’s, honey, jelly, and don’t forget about our fresh squeezed orange juice. We squeeze 3 different types of juice: regular orange juice, tangerine juice, and grapefruit juice. If ever you are near one of our two locations we invite you to come and see us and try a cup of our juice. Remember when you can’t send a “hug”, you can send a “little squeeze”.

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Sweetfields Farm (Brooksville)

About the orchard: We offer you the ability to come out and pick most of our veggies yourself. This insures you the freshest produce and quality you choose straight off the plant. It also allows for a wonderful family experience. We also gather produce. We understand we have some customers that can’t make it out in our fields for picking. For this reason, we can sometimes offer the ability to order pre-gathered produce for pick up. We also stock a limited amount of pre-gathered produce at the start of each Saturday and Sunday for sale in our stand during our harvest season.

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Southern Hill Farms (Clermont)

About the orchard: On our one hundred twenty acre farm, our perennial plantings include forty acres of blueberry bushes, five acres of peach trees and sixty eight acres of ornamental trees. Our newest crops include delightful sunflowers and zinnias, both of which are available for picking during our Spring U-pick and Fall Festival. We’ll be planting strawberries within the next couple of years which allows us to extend our u-pick season, giving you another harvest to enjoy at the farm (in case the fresh donuts weren’t enough). Our Fall Festival is a family destination to remember, held weekends in October.

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Jubilee Orchards (Tallahassee)

About the orchard: Jubilee Orchards is a grower with a dream. We want to hasten the day when consumers can choose the best types of blueberries just like they want to choose the best types of apples.

You see, like apples, blueberry types are all different. When you go to the store you never get to choose because the fruit distributors cannot separate the types – they are all lumped together. Why does this matter to you? Because if growers have no incentive to cultivate the sweetest, best berries, they will grow the berries that produce the highest yields. And these are usually the most bland and common.

At Jubilee, we are forging a new path. A path that allows you to choose among several great berry types, knowing your berries will be fresh and locally grown. One of our favorite berry types is called Georgia Dawn. It’s a luscious, sweet berry with a crisp mouth feel. They’re so delightful you can’t stop eating them! Another favorite is called, Farthing Berry. It’s a large, big mouthful bursting with flavor that you will not soon forget! Your days of buying bland berries shipped in from who knows where, are over! Buy fresh, buy the best, and buy Jubilee Blues!

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