An icy cold margarita and warm weather are an unbeatable combination. Florida has some amazing Mexican restaurants and with that also comes outstanding tequila bars. The tequila options are vast and smooth to finish off the day or kick off a vacation. Whether you like your tequila straight up, mixed in a margarita or with seltzer these restaurants will not disappoint with their selections.

We picked what we think are the top spots to find the most delicious and perfectly mixed margarita in Florida. You will definitely want to check them out next time you are in the Sunshine State!

Top Restaurants for a Margarita in Florida

Besito Mexican Restaurant (Tampa)

This winner offers fantastic Mexican fare and an incredible tequila bar with an extensive list of options. You can also add any of the tequilas to a margarita. The Tampa location is authentic to its Mexican roots with the traditional dishes and warm ambiance. Do you love happy hour? Every hour is happy here!

Tacos & Tattoos (Miami)

This cool spot is family owned and you are treated like family when you are here. They have unique globally inspired dishes. The tacos are infused with different creative flavors. The decor is lively and full of interesting artwork. And the margaritas, well they are simply the best! 

Tequiztlan Mexican Kitchen (Miami Beach)

The food here is fresh and the drinks are strong! Get ready for something that will shock your tastebuds. The margaritas are mixed perfectly. Additionally, if you get here in time you can easily walk over to the water after to watch the sunset!

Taquerias El Mexicano (Miami)

If you are looking for some incredible Mexican cuisine this gem will not disappoint. The atmosphere is laid back and the margaritas are traditionally prepared and delicious. Come for dinner or lunch and stay for an extra drink and dessert. Yum!

El Patron (Orlando)

El Patron has an authentic rotating buffet with tacos and all sorts of delicious elevated Mexican cuisine. You will love the brunch and the Artisan Tacos. To top it all off you will want to order a margarita! 

Pilo’s Street Tacos (Miami)

Pilo’s invites you to a real Mexican experience. The street tacos will transport you. The drinks will inspire! The food, well what more can we say but delicious. The homemade salsa and gracious hospitality all rank highly in our books. And of course the smooth tequila is also a showstopper.


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