Have a craving for some delicious pizza while in Florida? We put together a list of the top 10 spots to enjoy a pie or even just grab a slice. These places will blow you away with their tasty crust, perfectly seasoned sauce and creative toppings.

The Sunshine State has a variety of spots to check out all over the coast – so we narrowed it down for you. Check out our top 10 below and enjoy!

10 Restaurants with the Best Pizza in Florida

Mod Pizza (Orlando)

Mod Pizza offers artisan-style handcrafted pizzas. They are known for their customized personal pizzas and fresh salads. No matter how many toppings, the price is the same. Best deal in town! They also support the community through various charities, so you can feel good about your contribution while eating here.

Pizza Bruno (Orlando)

Bruno’s has Jersey style pizza, homemade pastas and tasty salads. Each pie is specially made and each one is more delicious than the last. Whether you pick a classic or specialty pie – you will not be disappointed! Yum!

Fabrica Woodfired Pizza (Tampa + St Petersburg)

This Neapolitan style pizzeria uses only the finest ingredients. The dough is hand stretched and the sauce is homemade with perfectly vine ripened tomatoes. They also offer frozen to-go pizzas that will change the way you look at takeout!

Eddie & Sam’s N.Y. Pizza (Tampa)

Eddie & Sam’s has been open since 1998. Their classic NY style pizza has the most amazing crust made with NY water that is imported in to give it that authentic taste and texture. Every pizza here is mouthwatering. You can’t go wrong!

Satchel’s Pizza (Gainesville)

This unique pizza place has a vibe all its own. With a cool souvenir shop, tree fort and perfect sauce to cheese ratio this spot is a must-visit. They offer deep dish and regular pies.

Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza (Clearwater)

Cristino’s offers an upscale experience with tasty handcrafted pizzas. Thin crust is the name of the game here. So if you enjoy a variety of unique toppings and ultra thin crispy crust on your pizza, then this is the restaurant for you! It’s so good you will be back!

Merlin’s Pizza (Destin)

This local favorite spot offers some of the most satisfying pizza in the area. Made with only the freshest ingredients. Each pizza is carefully crafted in this “mom and pop” style restaurant. Taste sensation!

Lazy Moon (Orlando)

Their motto is “eat, drink and be lazy.” Get ready to enjoy some fantastic food while relaxing in this low key pizza joint. Homemade sauce and dough with eclectic toppings are offered, as well as fun cocktails and 15 beers on tap.

Andiamo (Miami)

Create your pizza and enjoy this warm and wonderful restaurant. There is tasty house wine to go with any toppings you choose. This is a must-try if you get a pizza craving while in Miami.

Park Pizza & Brewing Co. (Orlando)

Homemade dough and signature tomato sauce make this pizza and brewery unforgettable. This restaurant welcomes everyone and is very family-friendly. They have a great dining room, bar and patio to enjoy their fantastic pizzas and tasty drinks.


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