It’s spooky season! Who’s excited and scared? We at love when the nights get colder and the frights get bolder. Today we wanted to highlight our favorite Halloween activities throughout the Sunshine State. These live-action attractions are affordable, highly-rated, and pack a whole bunch of scares in a short amount of time. You’ll never forget Halloween 2019 if you take a trip to any of these award-winning attractions.

Top Halloween Activities in Florida

The Haunt at Old Town || Kissimmee

The spooky details: Old Town teams up with the area’s only year-round haunted house, Mortem Manor, to bring the nightmarish madness of The Haunt at Old Town. Immerse yourself in bloodcurdling horror as you watch your worse fears and phobias come to life in several haunted attractions and scare zones. Enter at your own risk as you experience that unsettling feeling like someone’s watching you or the hair tingling feeling someone’s right around the corner or behind you, isn’t just a feeling. The Haunt at Old Town runs select nights from September 28 – November 3.

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A Petrified Forest || Altamonte Springs

The spooky details: “We had a fantastic time! I attended A Petrified Forest a week after I attended Halloween horror nights at Universal Studios in Orlando. Both were a lot of fun, but I did prefer A Petrified Forest. Because it is locally operated, it has more of an authentic feel. Although HHN was fun, it was also very commercial. A Petrified Forest had my friends and I genuinely screaming and at time running scared! So much fun and so affordable! I will definitely be going back and highly recommend for any haunted house fans!” — TripAdvisor Review

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Screamageddon || Dade City

The spooky details: “Well done!! Everything was so well done. It’s got a very “carnival came to a small town” feel which we enjoyed. 5 haunted houses, 2 were interactive but only if you choose to do that and we didn’t. However those who did, seemed to love it. The sets were so creative and well done; this isn’t some cheaply done, backyard haunted house. The scare crew were so so awesome. They went so hard for this! We do all the big ones, (Halloween horror nights, Howl-O-scream). What was cool about this was that they didn’t rush us through like cattle. They let small groups in and time it before more go in so you’re not right in top of others. The crew gets super close to you even if you’re not being touched. They found creative ways to do scares and do design the sets. Bravo!! We will be adding this to our annual Halloween festivities.” — TripAdvisor Review

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Haunt Night || Jacksonville Beach

The spooky details: Haunt Nights is comprised of 4 self-guided, dark attractions full of f over-the-top special effects, one-of-a-kind monsters and chilling scares. Every night the attraction is open, 60+ actors are transformed into monsters to scare and entertain our visitors.

CLOWN TAKEOVER: One of the only haunts of its kind in the area, scarily realistic thanks to high-tech zombie simulations! Escape your severe clown-induced panic attack and try to escape the likes of THE RINGMASTER, AL STABYA and more. You will have to face your fears before they kill you first! Murderous clowns, freaks and carnival chaos await you!

PINEHURST ASYLUM: Good luck trying to convince the staff that you aren’t crazy…the asylum has open rooms and are looking for new guests to stay.

CONTAINMENT: The outbreak has started…enter if you dare!

DESCENT: Exploring an old tomb could be fun, right? Find out for yourself as you travel deeper and deeper under the earth’s surface. Not everything as it seems as you get closer to the underworld. You will encounter demons, ghosts, creatures and something much more evil. Are you ready to make the Descent?

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Nightmare on the Beach || Miami

The spooky details: If you want to go to the best Halloween party in Miami, and also support a great cause, buy tickets to The Nightmare on the Beach. Organized by The Little Lighthouse Foundation, this wild annual event is a must-try for anyone who loves Miami and Halloween. Creative costumes, incredible entertainment, and delicious cocktails combine to make Nightmare on the Beach one of the most anticipated Halloween events of the season.

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13th Floor || Jacksonville

The spooky details: Jacksonville residents are being summoned to 13th Floor, the most horrifying haunted experience rated as the “Top 5 Most Terrifying Haunted Houses in the U.S.A.” by USA Today. Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group is the world’s largest Halloween themed entertainment company with 14 locations, providing a premier haunted house experience to markets across the country.

“Thirteenth Floor works to constantly innovate in order to produce superior experiences that our customers have learned to expect,” according to the “We believe that if we are going to truly entertain we must push the boundaries of what is expected in order to deliver an astonishing experience, every time.”

13th Floor is Jacksonville’s largest haunted house with 26,000 square feet of terrorizing haunted attractions all-new for the 2019 season, Class Axe Throwing, Mini Escape Games, concessions and adult beverages. The haunted house offers unique experiences all year round in coordination with multiple holidays like their Christmas event, Krampus: A Haunted Christmas, but Halloween is their favorite.

13th Floor Haunted House is located at 9230 Arlington Expressway, near Regency Square Mall. It is open select dates now through November 9. A full schedule can be found online here. General admission tickets vary in price starting at $19.99. Fast Pass and Skip the Line tickets are also available for purchase online. The 13th Floor Haunted House may be too intense for children under 12 years of age.

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Dark Horizon || Orlando

The spooky details: Dark Horizon is a seasonal Halloween attraction open to the public on select nights as a thrill-seeker’s entertainment destination with a night club atmosphere featuring 4 immersive bars, 3 haunted houses, 2 live stages, themed food and hundreds of monsters lurking around every turn.

Dark Horizon emerges in Orlando with much anticipation, to feast upon your fears, fray your nerves, and curdle your blood. Escape the clutches of one of Florida’s most infamous serial killer’s, Bloody Ed Watson. Navigate Captain Killigrew’s ship and her deviously mad crew, and wade past the Vodou Priestess before she has a chance to evoke the otherwordly spirits to possess your body and steal your soul. Hundreds of heinous monsters await to drag you toward the event horizon. Thrill-seekers will revel in 16 nights of terror featuring three gruesome haunted houses, immersive bars, festive fare, death-defying entertainment and more! Brought to you by some of the most celebrated minds in the industry, don’t miss Dark Horizon, the Halloween event of the season.

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