Choosing a vacation rental —. We want each of our owners to stand out and put their best foot forward. So how do you accomplish that? Here are a handful of tips to ensure your listing on attracts more lookers (and bookers).

High quality images

This is the most important part of your listing. Taking photographs of every room in your rental is critical to convincing Florida travelers to book with you. Take shots of every bedroom, bathroom, and common space. Also include a few exterior pictures so guests can see the home’s construction and placement.

We encourage owners to go above-and-beyond and book a professional photographer to come in and shoot the property. You’ll be shocked at the difference between images from a high-res camera and your iPhone. Photographers also understand lighting and staging so that your property looks its best.

Catchy title

Does your property have a name? Is it two minutes to the ocean? Is it a short walk to a major theme park? Be sure to include the top quality of your rental, and it’s name, in the title. Entice people to click.

As an example, the property title “3 Bedroom Destin Beach House” is boring. Spice it up to say “Destin’s Luxury Seashell House – 3 Bedroom – 5 min walk to beach!” instead.

Along with images the title of your property is going to give the first impression. Make it count!

Helpful description

The property description is where a potential guest will want to read more about what your rental offers. Take your time in writing this, and aim to be creative, honest, and accurate. Keep it brief (people don’t want to read paragraphs upon paragraphs of text) and also organize the text in a way that it’s easy to digest or skim.

A traveler isn’t likely to book your property if they are having trouble understanding the details written about it, so make sure to read through your description several times and edit out any misleading or confusing info.

When introducing your home on your property page, try to answer the question, “Why should the traveler pick my property over all the others?” As you go on to describe the specificities of your home, try breaking the description up into labeled sections such as amenities, surroundings, renting details, etc. Paint a complete picture of why your rental is a must-book.

Accurate rates & calendar

There’s no worse experience for a guest than trying to book your property, only to find out afterward that it is occupied for their ideal dates. Worse yet, if they expect to pay a certain price that’s listed, but you quote them something else during the booking process. That feels like a bait and switch! Keep your rates and calendar up-to-date to maintain transparency and a smooth booking process.

5-star guest reviews

Reviews, reviews, reviews. Potential guests want “social proof” that your unit is clean, as advertised, and your personal service is impeccable. Encourage anyone staying in your rental to leave a review on afterwards. The more reviews you generate, the more bookings you’ll get. That’s a fact.

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