Nothing more freeing than a nude beach in Florida!

With plenty of sun and sand to spare, it only seems “au naturale” that Florida is a popular spot for nude beaches. Whether you want to go skinny-dipping without sneaking around or sunbathe without worrying about a single tan line, the Sunshine State has several excellent options for letting it all hang out. The uninhibited flock to Florida throughout the year to check out the many nude beaches along the coastline and naturist resorts scattered throughout the state.

If you’ve been looking for a prime spot to plunk down in the sand and shed your skivvies, start planning a trip to one of these top nude beaches in Florida today. This guide details the best spots where you can be completely comfortable in the nude.

Haulover Beach

Located just a few miles north of Miami Beach, Haulover Beach Park is a stunning 1.4-mile stretch of pristine white sand beaches. The shores attract tourists as well as locals throughout the year, and there’s plenty to keep visitors of all ages entertained on site, including bicycle and kite rentals, fishing spots, a skate park, picnic shelters, and a dog park. There are also lifeguards on duty year-round for safe swimming conditions.

While this park clearly has plenty to offer, it’s the northern end of the beach that has made it a top destination for naturists. This half-mile stretch of the beach is legally clothing-optional and is recognized as one of the top nude beaches in the world. It’s known for being family-friendly and welcoming of newcomers who might not be familiar with naturism. In fact, the beach has friendly ambassadors on site to provide information about nude beach etiquette. If you want more information about nude beach dos and don’ts, just look for these volunteers in their green safari hats.

Besides being family-friendly, the clothing-optional area of Haulover Beach also has plenty of convenient amenities. Parking, restrooms, and shaded picnic areas are both located nearby. You’ll find food and beverage concessions, beach chair and umbrella rentals, and showers located right on the beach. It’s also one of the few areas where you can surf in the nude. If you want to enjoy more naturist surroundings during your visit, consider staying at one of the clothing-optional guesthouses in nearby Fort Lauderdale.

Blind Creek Beach

For decades, Blind Creek Beach was a sunny, sandy spot where naturists would sunbathe and swim in the nude. Its remote location on Hutchinson Island between Fort Pierce and Jensen Beach made this beach attractive to nearby nudists who wanted to shed their clothes without attracting the attention of law enforcement. However, in 2014, Blind Creek Beach finally became approved as a legal clothing-optional beach. Since then, it’s become an incredibly popular family-friendly destination that has started to attract naturists from around the globe.

Part of the appeal of this particular Florida nude beach is its location along Florida’s Treasure Coast, which is known for its soft white sand, clear waters, and lush natural surroundings. A visit to Blind Creek Beach feels a bit more rugged and primitive compared to the more tourist-friendly beaches around Miami, Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. The beach does have convenient parking, but there is no fresh water, food services, or beach chair rentals, so you’ll need to provide your own food, water, and beach supplies. Portable toilets are located on-site, and pets are not allowed.

Playalinda Beach

One of Florida’s most popular nude beaches actually falls on federally owned land, which is how nudity came to be tolerated there. Playalinda Beach is located on the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. Though it’s quite close to the Kennedy Space Center, which is a major tourist attraction for the area, this stretch of beach is fairly remote.

Playalinda Beach is not a recognized spot for nudity like Haulover and Blind Creek Beaches, and Florida law states that nudity in public places is against the law. But since this beach is on federal land, nudity is tolerated there and the law goes unenforced. Naturists have found that beachgoers don’t need to worry about going au naturale as long as they aren’t causing a disturbance. That being said, most nudists keep a coverup close at hand while visiting this beach just in case.

Parking lots are conveniently located all along this 4-mile stretch of beach, which is marked with beach areas numbering one through 13. There are restrooms located on-site, but you won’t find showers, food and beverage concessions, or other amenities. To access the nude area of Playalinda Beach, go to beach entrance 13.

Apollo Beach

For smaller crowds during your Florida beach vacation, head a few miles north of Playalinda Beach to Apollo Beach. Also located on the Cape Canaveral National Seashore, Apollo Beach is another great spot to spread out in the sand or go for a refreshing swim without worrying about issues with local nudity laws. Like Playalinda, Apollo Beach has been an established spot for tolerated nudity for years. In fact, it’s even less of an issue at Apollo Beach since it’s located in Volusia County, which has no anti-nudity laws, while Playalinda falls in Brevard County, where nudity is technically illegal.

This is a rugged setting with sparse crowds, longer walks from the parking lots to the beach, and no running water. There are chemical toilets located at each parking area. You’ll want to bring your own water, snacks, beach chairs, or anything else you might need. Apollo Beach is a great place to go if you prefer to avoid crowds and want a truly peaceful setting to enjoy the beach.

There are five parking lots for Apollo Beach dotted along a 6-mile road. To access the nude area, go to beach 5. There is a boardwalk that leads down to the beach connected to the parking area. Once you reach the beach, look for signs that indicate where the nude part of the beach is located. Be sure to stay on the boardwalk as walking across the sand dunes is prohibited.

St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park

If you want to go somewhere that’s extra remote to sunbathe in the nude, check out St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park. This beautiful barrier island is only accessible by boat, making a great spot for nudists who want lots of privacy when out on the sand. This beach is also surrounded by an incredibly lush mangrove forest and is a popular destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, and surf fishing. There’s a convenient tram visitors can take to get to the beach.

The remote location does not have an officially designated nude beach, and those who do go clothing-free do so at their own risk. However, issues with nude sunbathing are incredibly rare here. In order to maintain a low profile, naturists typically venture a bit south of the tram drop-off point. The unofficial nude beach area sits around a bend from the main beach, which provides a bit more privacy for sunbathers and swimmers.

Hobe Sound

Another remote spot that’s popular for nude sunbathing in Florida is Hobe Sound. This spot is located just a short drive north of Palm Beach. While many beaches along the Atlantic coast are surrounded by lush grasses and sand dunes, this unique spot features rugged cliffs next to the sand. These rocks have the added benefit of providing some extra privacy for the nude beach area.

The beach’s proximity to luxurious mansions along the shore makes a popular spot for wealthy residents and their guests. There is free parking located nearby, however, so you don’t need to know someone in order to get access.

Hobe Sound is not a legally recognized clothing-optional beach despite being widely recognized as a nudist beach destination in the area. However, those who are discreet while visiting are extremely unlikely to encounter any issues.

Naturist Resorts in Florida

Another option for enjoying some clothing-free time outdoors in Florida is visiting one of the state’s many nude resorts. These locations offer a welcoming and judgment-free area for naturists to relax and take in the natural scenery. Some have beach access and/or swimming pools where you can work on erasing your tan lines and skinny-dipping to your heart’s desire. You can find all kinds of naturist resorts across the state, including those with rustic or luxury accommodations, a party atmosphere or a laid-back vibe, and those geared towards families, couples, or LGBTQ travelers.

The following are some of the top Florida nudist resorts to consider:

  • Caliente Resort
  • Paradise Lakes
  • Lake Como Family Resort
  • Cypress Cove Resort & Spa
  • Sunnier Palms
  • Roof Top Resort
  • Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort
  • Sunny Sands Resort
  • Hidden Lake Resort
  • Riviera Naturist Resort
  • Bare All Bungalows
  • Suwannee Valley Resort

Though public nudity isn’t legal in Florida, the state has a long history of being an incredibly naturist-friendly destination. Compared to other areas of the U.S., Florida offers far more beaches and resorts for those who wish to enjoy nature in their natural state. Make your next beach vacation even more memorable and relaxing by visiting one of the Florida nude beaches in this guide.

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