After a long day running around a theme park or roasting under the hot Florida sun, your family is famished. Skip the fancy French, and avoid the overpriced seafood. BBQ is the way to go! Whether you’re craving dry rubbed ribs, or just a big piece of fried chicken, you can find a BBQ restaurant to suit your needs.

We want to help hungry travelers by sharing our favorite 10 barbecue restaurants in Florida. The service, the menu, and the reviews from previous customers put these restaurants over-the-top and onto our list. Bon appetit!

Florida’s Best BBQ Restaurants: 2020 Winners

Squealer’s BBQ Grille | Multiple

Squealers Award Winning Barbeque takes great pride in offering the best southern-style, award winning bar-b-que around, and we take pride in the fact that 80% of our pork is from Indiana. We use only the finest cuts of meat, seasoned to perfection. The ideal blend of cherry and hickory wood compliment our fourteen hour smoking process on our Southern Pride Smokin’ Pit.

To ensure the best quality possible, Squealers Award Winning Barbeque prepares their southern-style cuisine fresh daily. We are committed to serving our quality, award-winning bar-b-que and are confident that it will make for the best tasting bar-b-que you have ever smacked your lips to!

4 Rivers Smokehouse | Multiple

Founded by Louis and Greg Saig, the original store had about 20 stools and a very limited raw bar menu. It was by chance that our first menu items were influenced by a couple fellas from Louisiana. These bold flavors and unique ingredients made a lasting impression on the development of the menu that you still see today.

Louis and partner Jesse Jabot along with an incredible corporate team, general managers, managers and staff at every level; strive toward always providing quality food and impeccable service all at a great value.

Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue | Miami, FL

Sparkyʼs Roadside Barbecue has been serving delicious barbecue since 2010. Chef-proprietors, Kevin Kehoe and Hans Seitz are Sparky and Sparky, two chefs who love great barbecue and good times. They have a simple philosophy, to make the best barbecue out of the best ingredients and ask you to you take time out of your day, sit back and enjoy it.

Today – Sparkyʼs Roadside Barbecue serves great barbecue without provenance other than Kevin and Hansʼ backyard. Tipping their hats to several American styles of regional barbecue they still hold true to their own original rubs and six different sauces. They believe that sauce should be an afterthought and that their barbecue is perfectly delicious straight out of the pit. They both ask that you take time out of your day, come down to the restaurant, sit back and enjoy a precious few moments eating great barbecue.

Shiver’s BBQ | Homestead, FL

Shiver’s BBQ is a family-owned and operated restaurant in Homestead, Fl.  It has been serving authentic hickory smoked barbecue for over 60 years!  Shiver’s specializes in slow smoked meats such as baby back ribs, pork spare ribs, beef ribs, chicken, beef brisket, pork, and more.

Many items, such as the pulled pork, have been smoked for 12 hours or more! This process ensures that each bite will be tasty and tender all the way through.

Often, you will hear regulars talking about how they ate at Shiver’s Bar-B-Q when they were children. Family generations have grown up eating here. You will find yourself sitting on picnic tables, enjoying the hickory smoke aroma, and eating some of the best fall off the bone ribs you have ever tasted. It’s evident why the locals choose Shiver’s!

Hometown BBQ | Miami, FL

Hometown Barbecue, located in the Allapattah neighborhood of Miami, is the second barbecue restaurant from Brooklyn restauranteur Billy Durney. Hometown is known for its authentic pit smoked meats and traditional sides.

In Miami, we also feature a wood fired menu that showcases a selection of dishes cooked over live fire. Our bar serves craft beers, seasonal cocktails and a selection of wines by the glass and bottle.

For lunch we offer classic barbecue menu with walk up counter service. Beginning at five o’clock each day we change to a full service restaurant featuring both our barbecue menu and our wood fired menu. We offer our food on a first-come, first-served basis—until we sell out of that day’s specially cooked offerings.

Rob’s Family BBQ | Davie, FL

 Rob’s Family BBQ is widely considered one of the best South Florida BBQ joints. A winner of quite a few awards, including “Best Barbecue” in Our City’s Best 2019: For Davie, Cooper City and South West Ranches! Rob’s Family BBQ prides itself on delivering the highest quality BBQ and genuine down-home southern hospitality.

You can come in and check out our daily specials! They are sure to leave you satisfied. Our servings will ensure a full belly. Once you get a taste of Rob’s Family BBQ you will be hooked. Our goal is to continue to bring you the high quality, best tasting BBQ in South Florida.  At Rob’s Family BBQ, we are serving up mouth-watering BBQ that’s slow cooked and smoked to perfection.

The taste sensations you will experience with us are family recipes and local favorites. So, the next time you’re craving smoked, yummy goodness, you know where to go—Rob’s Family BBQ!

Eat Smoke BBQ | Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton, FL

Before the first plume of smoke rises from our custom made Ole Hickory pits, Smoke BBQ separates itself from the competition by sourcing the highest quality meats from specific regions of the US. Whether it is Midwest Angus Beef Brisket or Jalapeno-Cheddar Sausage produced for us with premium ingredients in Texas, we start with only the finest meats (with no antibiotics, no steroids, and no added hormones).

Championship BBQ is one part quality meat and an equal part quality wood, with a good amount of passion, tender loving care, and magic added for good measure. Smoke BBQ uses natural Post Oak wood with all of our meats, then adds a blend specific to the each type of meat, whether it is a touch of hickory to increase the smokiness on our brisket or fruitwood on our chicken wings. The wood selected for the meat is no different than pairing a fine wine to complement a meal.

Kosher salt, crushed black peppercorns, cayenne pepper as well as many other natural ingredients can be found in one of our 5 unique rubs. Like the wood selection, our rubs are designed to enhance the flavor of the meat. All our rubs are designed and prepared in-house daily.

Our famous housemade pastrami begins with whole packer angus briskets. Each brisket is brined in our proprietary blend of pickling spices and curing salt for 8 days. Every day each of the briskets are turned to ensure that the brine reaches deep into the meat. On the 8th day, we remove the cured briskets from the brine and soak out all of the extra salt. We generously coat both sides with our house ground rub and into the smokers they go. When they are finished smoking, the pastramis are placed in the cooler to rest. Once ready to use, we steam the chilled pastramis for several hours to give them the melt in your mouth texture to accompany the flavorful housemade taste that you just can’t get from factory made pastrami.

Al’s Bar-B-Que | Tampa, FL

Sarge’s Smoke House | Tampa, FL

Sarge’s Smokehouse BBQ is a Veteran owned and operated business, serving up the Best BBQ on Wheels throughout the Tampa Bay Area with their food trucks since 2013.  With our flag now planted in the NEW NoHo Junction food court, our award-winning BBQ will be available 7 days a week, not just from the trucks!

Our 75 years of combined military service has taken us all over the country and provided us with opportunities to sample some of the best BBQ this great Nation has to offer.  By blending and tweaking regional styles, we have perfected a unique version of Southern BBQ that appeals to BBQ lovers all over!  Our hearty sides, BBQ rubs and sauces are made with passion from scratch every day, never skimping on the main ingredient – LOVE!  Great BBQ requires a passion for the craft, and we love what we do!

Captain’s BBQ | Palm Coast, FL

Captains BBQ offers some of the best TRUE SOUTHERN BBQ, we only use the best quality meats and ingredients. Our meats and side dishes are slow cooked in our special wood burning smoker. Although smoking is a very slow, time consuming process it is worth every second. The result is moist, juicy meats, infused with a delicious smoked wood flavor.

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