Florida is one of the most popular areas in the world for vacation rentals, and with good reason. Sun, sand, surf, and seemingly endless theme parks create a cocktail of high family tourism and inflated hotel prices. The accommodation industry had to adjust, and this past decade has seen a boom of homeowners and professional services helping solve the problem.

So for those who have never tried it before – what’s the big deal about renting a home? Especially in Florida, where proximity to your destination and the beach is so critical? We’re here to give you the scoop.

Cost Savings

On their own, rentals are often cheaper than an equivalent single hotel room. Independent owners don’t have as many overhead business costs and thus can price themselves lower than a hotel without sacrificing any quality.

Where you’ll REALLY see cost savings is when traveling with a large group. Teaming up with another family? Grab a big mansion outside Disney and split the cost. How about a spring break trip? A four-bedroom seaside condo in Panama City Beach is much cheaper than booking four separate hotel rooms.

Think about this too: by cooking your meals in the rental’s kitchen, you can save hundreds on a fancy dinner out. Obviously you should treat yourself on vacation, but a couple of meals using your own groceries can help your bottom line.

In the “Amenities” section below, you’ll see some of the special items that might come with your rental to also save money.


You’re probably used to many conveniences in your normal home. Space to spread out, privacy from neighbors, and all of the day-to-day necessities close at hand. Vacation rentals provide all of those things, too. You won’t need to be cramped in a small space with your entire crew – feel free to enjoy one bedroom apiece if that’s what you want! Most rentals have toiletries, sheets, towels, pillows and much more available for you. Your group will feel right at home in a Florida vacation rental, even if you’re traveled a long way to be there.


Location, location, location. Whether you’re up against the Gulf of Mexico in a beach villa or overlooking the Everglades, you want to be near the action. A massive hotel can’t get as close to those areas as you desire, whereas many rentals are right in the thick of it. You never will have to sacrifice location for a rental. You can stay in South Beach, or Orlando, or by your favorite team’s spring training field. There are hundreds of thousands of rentals all over Florida, not only in the major locales, but those beautiful small towns that should not be overlooked.


Florida can come with a number of items standard or non-standard. These special amenities can take a ho-hum vacation and turn it into something truly memorable. Some of our rentals come with:

  • In-home theaters. Watching your favorite Disney film together while staying in a home just outside Disney? Perfect.
  • Bicycles. Save money on renting bikes and explore your local area by using provided bikes.
  • Outdoor/Indoor pool. Swim under the Florida sun but away from all the itchy sand.
  • Jacuzzi/hot tub. Late nights and romance while the kids are busy in the theater.
  • Chef’s kitchen. Cook that adventurous meal you’ve always wanted now that you have high-end utensils.
  • Patio with grill. Eat al fresco and grill up your favorite meats your way.

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