Rock out in the sunshine state! You’ll find thousands of live music venues scattered across Florida – from sold out stadiums, to more intimate, yet no less thrilling clubs, bars, and stages. That’s who we’re here to salute today. Is there anything better than seeing your favorite band, up close and personal, surrounded by friends and fans who know all the words just like you do? Of course not!

We’ve created a list of our Top 10 Live Music Venues in Florida — and today we’re sharing it with you. You’ll love the music, atmosphere, and bands that play at all these award-winning venues. You’ll be stunned by the customer service, ease of access, food and drink, and incredible sound and light systems. And of course, the music will be what keeps you coming back again and again.

So, congratulations to all that made our list, and to you Florida music lovers trying to catch a show, stop in and be ‘wowed’ by the spectacle provided by these award-winners.

Florida’s Top 10 Live Music Venues

High Dive (Gainesville)

About the venue: HIGH DIVE is a live music and event venue unlike any other in Gainesville, providing a professional concert experience in a gritty rock n roll environment. This is the kind of space artists and music fans might typically expect only in a bigger city. High Dive has the largest and highest quality sound system of any venue in Gainesville and a recently updated lighting and video system.

HIGH DIVE’s building has a long and storied history of hosting live music for decades. Huge, influential bands such as Dave Matthew’s Band, Kenny Chesney, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, 311, Black Keys, Paramore, Avett Brothers, and Against Me! as well comedians such as Patton Oswalt have performed at this site going back to the 90’s.

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The Beachem (Orlando)

About the venue: Downtown’s notorious venue has entertained Orlando for almost 100 years, with a diverse history from vaudeville, to cinema & epic concert events. This building has encountered countless celebrities and their greatest projects. In the last 4 decades, various superstars have graced this orange avenue venue’s mammoth stage including but not limited to 50 Cent, Lauryn Hill, Ice Cube, 2 Chainz, Wale, Trina, Juvenile, French Montana, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Waka Flocka Flame, J. Cole, Trick Daddy, Dj Khaled, And Flo Rida. Dance music’s innovative DJs The Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold, Benny Benassi, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Afrojack, & David Guetta have also called this historic location home. Celebrities and locals alike love this larger than life vintage theater.

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Vinyl Music Hall (Pensacola)

About the venue: “I really like this venue; it’s what I call “intimate”. Some amazing shows come through here, and if you’re lucky enough to catch them, you’re sure to have a great time. Situated between Downtown Pensacola and the Seville Historic District, surrounded by awesome bars and fantastic restaurants, Vinyl is one of those places you need to keep bookmarked. It’s not huge. It’s not plush. It’s not a Miracle of Auditory Architecture.

Friends coming to town looking for a big night? See who’s headlining at Vinyl. No plans this weekend? See who’s headlining at Vinyl…” – Visitor Yelp Review

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The Funky Biscuit (Boca Raton)

About the venue: Opened in July of 2011, The Funky Biscuit is a musician owned and operated establishment featuring the finest national, regional and local entertainment, accompanied by a superb, down home, southern style menu. Hailed by many as “the best sounding room in the State of Florida”, The Funky Biscuit provides an unparalleled listening and dining experience, in a quality and intimate atmosphere. The Funky Biscuit is a musician’s “home away from home” and the music aficionado’s ultimate listening room. Whether it’s NOLA Funk, Delta Blues, Fusion Jazz or Rock n Roll for your soul, The Funky Biscuit delivers with the highest quality night after night.

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Jack Rabbits (Jacksonville)

About the venue: “Jack Rabbits is a San Marco phenomenon. It’s been one of the top local live music venues for close to 20 years. They feature local, regional and national artists from across a wide range of genres.

Now I wouldn’t suggest folks expecting a red carpet and a glass of champagne upon arrival. It’s a dive bar, clear as day. They boast decent beer and wine options, including a few of my local favorites on tap. Compared to most venues, prices are on point!

I’ve seen many shows here since I moved to Jax. Not once have I left disappointed. The venue is small enough to give the concert goer a close relationship with the band. Sound is good throughout, although it fades a smidge when at the bar.

Recently, one of the friends in our group was underage. I was impressed with the way the doorman treated him. Often times, doormen are assholes to young kids, thinking they’re all out to cause mayhem. Props to you, sir!

Long live Jack Rabbits, the Hendricks Ave. classic bar venue.” – Visitor Yelp Review

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Culture Room (Fort Lauderdale)

About the venue: “This is definitely a five star club, I have never seen anything like it before. The sound is great. I see the owners went the extra mile and got the sound insulation barriers tiled on the ceiling so that no sound is lost. Very cool. The thing about this place is that it’s small size ends up in many ways being it’s strength. There is almost nowhere you can be inside on the main showroom floor or upstairs that you won’t feel like you are right up next to the talent. The stage is RIGHT THERE, EVERYWHERE. You’re like literally feet away from these peeps. No joke. There isn’t even a back stage for the talent. They walk in from an exit door and are immediately on stage.

There are three or four bars in this place plus a little patio area right in the front before you walk into the stage room. There are also flat screen tvs everywhere, so that just if, by chance, you’re rolling in there fun size and can’t see over the tall ass toms in front of you, you can still check out the stage.” – Visitor Yelp Review

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Heartwood Sound Stage (Gainesville)

About the venue: Heartwood Soundstage is a live performance venue, a recording studio, a video production soundstage, a web music streaming portal, or all of the above at the same time. The four founders of Heartwood are successful, creative, diversely talented people bound by a common love of music… and frustrated by the terrible acoustics, logistics, and/or attitudes that compromise many performance venues. Heartwood incorporates the lessons learned from over 100 years of  accumulated experience staging, producing, recording, mixing, and performing music. They’ve striven to make a venue that showcases the nuance and the power of musical performance, connecting artist and audience in a shared transcendent experience that makes music such a joy in life.

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1904 Music Hall (Jacksonville)

About the venue: 1904 Music Hall is a multipurpose room that takes pride in offering a unique environment for numerous entertainment needs. While our main focus is showcasing amazing music, our room can lend itself to many different types of events and configurations depending upon the need.

In addition to an amazing stage and sound system, they feature an extensive liquor, wine, & craft beer menu to be enjoyed either inside or in our outdoor courtyard as well as food service from their restaurant, Spllif’s Gastropub.

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Crowbar (Tampa)

About the venue: Crowbar is a live music and special events venue, open 7 nights a week in the Historic Ybor City District of Tampa. The Crow’s Nest Beer Garden is home to several weekly and monthly events including The Beer Garden Sessions and Ol’ Dirty Sundays!

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Lafayette’s Music Room (Orlando)

About the venue: Located on the 2nd Level of beautiful Pointe Orlando within walking distance of the Convention Center and many major hotels, Lafayette’s Restaurant and Bar is the spot to enjoy great food, great conversation, and some of the best live music in town, seven nights a week.

From great local Florida bands and touring acts playing Americana, Country, Rock and Roll, Blues Rock, Bluegrass, and Jazz, Lafayette’s Restaurant and Bar is a staple for all great music fans, and a place where new legends are being made.

As a testament to their Southern roots, not only are they known for great music, but they create some pretty amazing food here too. Lafayette’s kitchen features a variety of Southern-inspired options, including Po’Boys, Shrimp and Grits, specialty pizzas and made-from-scratch desserts.

Lafayette’s Restaurant and Bar is your chance to embrace the most vibrant culture in Orlando. For the best live music and delectable Southern dishes, you’ve got to be at Lafayette’s!

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